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Rezone: We’re making ourselves heard

Rezone: We’re making ourselves heard

Thank you very much to all who have contacted City officials to press for completion of the Roosevelt Legislative Rezone.  I’ve received copies of some of the great e-mails you’ve written.  I know that they will have an effect.  The good reputation of the Roosevelt/Ravenna community is burnished with each one of your messages.

Not to be too dramatic, but this is an important moment for the neighborhood.  I expect that tomorrow, on Thursday, that Mayor McGinn and DPD Director Diane Sugimura will decide whether to continue the Legislative Rezone process on which we’ve worked so hard, or to shelve it in favor of some other process driven by interests from outside the community.  We want for DPD to complete their work on the Legislative Rezone package, for the Mayor to sign off, and for the whole thing to be sent to City Council without further delay.  Councilmembers Clark and Burgess, at least, are ready to receive it and to do their work in committee to address our critical land use issues.

So, thanks again to those who have written already, and if you have not, please consider dashing off a quick e-mail today to the Mayor, DPD and City Council as outlined in my earlier e-mail below.  It doesn’t have to be long;  it’s the contact that counts.

For those of you with an appetite for coverage of our issue in the blogs, have a look at the latest on Publicola, Citytank and another land use site from just this morning (links below).    Wow, here’s another one I’ve just found on Crosscut which references us.  Today, all eyes are on Roosevelt.  Please have your say, too. (read my previous post for who to contact)





Jim O’Halloran
Chair, Land Use Committee
Roosevelt Neighborhood Association

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