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Roosevelt Land Use Update 2 Dec 2011

Roosevelt Land Use Update 2 Dec 2011

The neighborhood rezone saga is rapidly coming to a close.  City Council’s land use committee (“COBE”) has been discussing this topic since the public hearing on September 19th.  I expect for the committee to vote by December 14th and for full Council to finalize new zoning legislation on December 19th.

At this point, COBE’s position differs somewhat from the latest recommendations of the RNA: the Sustainable, Liveable Roosevelt Plan (SLRP).  COBE appears to accept SLRP’s higher midrise zoning South of Calvary Christian Assembly, and the reconfigured 85 ft. zone centered at Roosevelt Way and NE 65th.  But a majority of Councilmembers have indicated their intention to also allow 65 ft. building heights on the three blocks South of Roosevelt High School, instead of the 40 ft. limits preferred by most neighbors.  This contentious topic was on the COBE meeting agenda on November 30th which you can watch here:    http://www.seattlechannel.org/videos/video.asp?ID=2311180    Illustrations of zoning alternatives for the high school blocks may be found at: http://clerk.seattle.gov/~public/meetingrecords/2011/cobe20111130_3.pdf   “Option 2” is currently in favor by Council in part because it “maximizes” ground-level open space around the buildings.

However you may feel about the status of these matters, there is still an opportunity to influence the final outcome.  City Council is carefully listening to us right now, and appears to be weighing many factors including, but not limited to, community sentiment.  I encourage you to contact Councilmembers directly.

P.S.  I would really like to know how a wide range of community members feel about the rezone, overall.  Are you livid?  Are you thrilled?  Are you generally OK with how this is playing out?  Waiting on the details?  Send me a quick note with your sentiments, if you please.  Thanks!

Jim O’Halloran
Chair, Land Use Committee
Roosevelt Neighborhood Association

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  1. Jim,
    I kind of like option 2. I think trading additional height for the greater setbacks, the green street features ans the two corner green spaces is a good deal. I also like the options for affordable housing (workforce housing) so close to light rail – if DPD will really follow through on requiring that of the developers.

    Nancy Helm

    Nancy Helm

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