Celebrating Seattle's Roosevelt Neighborhood
New web presence planned for RNA

New web presence planned for RNA

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association (RNA) will be discontinuing the web site hosted on Office Live Small Business (OLSB). This isn’t by choice. Rather Microsoft has decided they will discontinue the service. While their proposal is to transfer from OLSB to Office 365, I’ve found that O365 doesn’t support some of the functionality that we use on our present site. Additionally, the other features of O365 are overkill for the RNA.

I’m still waiting on a Board decision to move forward with this new design. But if I do get the go ahead, in order to preserve some of the content from our old site we (mostly I) will be publishing a number of posts. Ideally as I do this I’ll remember not to overload Twitter with a lots of tweets about these articles… they’re not new.

Hopefully you’ll like the new format. Hopefully you’ll “Like” the the new Roosevelt Seattle Facebook Page so you will be kept abreast of upcoming events for Roosevelt… we will no longer maintain calendars in multiple locations.

I look forward to hearing what you think.

Randy Weers – RNA Communications Officer