Celebrating Seattle's Roosevelt Neighborhood
RNA Land Use Leadership Change

RNA Land Use Leadership Change

by Jim O’Halloran


After eight years of active duty in the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association, I’m stepping down from my role as chair of the RNA Land Use Committee. The new land use chair is John Adams, who has most recently served as RNA Vice President. This change is already effective, as John has been actively managing key land use activities in recent months.

A lot has happened in Roosevelt. In late 2004 and early 2005, we successfully campaigned to influence Sound Transit’s decision for the location of the light rail station. In 2005 and 2006, we worked on an update to our neighborhood plan. Since 2006, we had been working with City Council, DPD and the Mayor’s office to enact zoning changes which we had recommended. After many twists and turns, that effort culminated on January 30 of 2012 when City Council finally approved the Roosevelt Legislative Rezone. The outcome of the rezone has left some dissatisfied but the overall result is much as we had proposed. There can be no question that the community has largely self-directed it’s future.

With the major planning pieces in place, other land use projects now come into focus. These include:

  • Updating the Roosevelt Neighborhood Design Guidelines which will influence how individual building projects fit into the neighborhood
  • Developing Concept Plans for Green Streets designated by City Council on portions of NE 66th, Brooklyn and 14th Avenue
  • Working with developers, especially the Roosevelt Development Group, to optimize their specific building proposals in the Design Review process.

These are the types of projects which John Adams will now guide as he takes over land use matters for the RNA. John is eminently qualified for the job; not only is he a practicing architect but he has been deeply engaged in all of the critical neighborhood land use activities going back to the neighborhood plan update. You’ll be hearing from him with additional detail on particular projects.

I will continue to participate in RNA land use activities as I am able. It will be exciting and yes, a bit disruptive as Roosevelt evolves into a more active urban village with mass transit. Thank you for your interest, attention and support through the years, and please stay tuned for further developments!