Roosevelt, Seattle

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association

New Public Space for Weedin Place

Simulation of possible open space design for Weedin Place.

Simulation of possible open space design for Weedin Place. Courtesy of SDOT.

The Seattle Department of Transportation and the Roosevelt Business Group are collaborating to create new open space in the neighborhood. The potential public space is one block along Weedin Place NE between NE 65th and 66th Streets.

The project is in the initial stages, but the plan is to close this block to vehicular traffic and create a pedestrian-friendly space that serves as a gateway to the neighborhood.

Earlier this year, the City’s Office of Economic Development awarded the Roosevelt Business Group a capital improvement grant to “enhance the commercial district experience.” This site was selected from a long list of projects. According to the Department of Transportation, “Improvements to walkability lead to increases in business revenues.”

There will be plenty of opportunities for public input as the project progresses. Stay tuned for more information.

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