Celebrating Seattle's Roosevelt Neighborhood
Summary of Roosevelt Repaving Project Presentation from Feb. 24, 2015

Summary of Roosevelt Repaving Project Presentation from Feb. 24, 2015

Here are some notes from last night’s Roosevelt Repaving Project Presentation from Feb. 24, 2015:

Scott Kubly, SDOT director:

  • Protected Bike Lanes (PBLs) are lightning rod throughout the country
  • Minimize disruption
  • This project will save time and save money
  • Everyone needs to use the roadway
  • We are balancing all of the needs as we deliver this project

Dawn Shellenberg, Community Engagement Liaison:

  • Vision Zero, learn more at http://www.seattle.gov/visionzero
  • Street designs were created for safety and predictability
  • Targeted Education has been done to the community
  • Data-driven enforcement will be essential in order to have this be successful
  • “not about US and THEM” “value of life does not change based on mode of transportation”

Paul Elliott, Community Relations:

  • There are many non-bike elements of project (65th to Fuhrman)
  • Bus reliability and speed will be increased
  • Funding for in-lane bus stops
  • LED streetlights will likely be funded
  • 10-12,000 per day, 1100 bus riders, ~78 people on bikes per morning commute

Additional Notes:

  • Approximately 55 people in attendance
  • Neighborhoods represented: Greenlake, Wallingford, Ravenna, U District, Roosevelt
  • To learn more about left turns at signalized intersections:www.seattle.gov/transportation/bikefacilities.htm
  • “Bicycle facility” is the name SDOT uses for Protected Bike Lanes

Project implementation Schedule:

  • 60% design now
  • 90% by next week
  • Finalize by early summer
  • Summer Meeting 2015 to explain about impacts of the project
  • Construction to begin in late September
  • 9 am – 3 pm
  • 5 phased sections
  • Noise, light, dust, etc. will be disrruptive
  • Weekend and night work is probable
  • Summer 2016 estimate for completion

There seemed to be equal representation amongst folks supporting the project and those questioning the timing and process of the project.  There was a heavy objection by businesses owners and some residents to the loss of about 90 parking spots along the west side of Roosevelt.  Many in the audience asked if the process of outreach to all stakeholders, especially north of 45th, had been sufficient and Scott Kubly said “Yes.”

To learn more about this project please visit: http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/pave_roosevelt.htm