We need you to get involved in the next 10 days!

DPD has published a SEPA decision regarding the newly drafted ROOSEVELT Neighborhood Design Guidelines. The guidelines will RNA members have been involved in this process. The design guidelines are the backbone of the Design Review Program. They direct designers and project reviewers to look closely at the neighborhood and its character to design new buildings that enhance their surroundings. The guidelines are used by the Design Review Boards and our staff to assess the merits of a project.

Here’s the link to the DPD blog post about the SEPA decision for the design guidelines update:


This also allows people to link to the Land Use Information Bulletin notice and the related documents (SEPA checklist, Determination of Non-significance, and draft guidelines).

  • The comment period is two weeks, ending on 4/27;
  • The guidelines are still draft so changes can still be made;
  • These will be sent to City Council soon after the SEPA appeal period ends on 5/4; and
  • This would not have been possible without the effort that the Committee put in to this, making it a great example of a community-led process.

Link to draft document: Roosevelt Design Guidelines.pdf

The following individuals were instrumental in preparing the 2015 Roosevelt Design Guidelines: 
Jay Lazerwitz
John Adams 
Shane Binder
Jon Breiner
Bill Dunning
Ed Hewson 
Lorne McConachie
Jack Mowreader
Jim O’Halloran
Chris Pasco
Ron Rundus
Sarah Schacht
Wallis Thompson 
John Arthur Wilson
Geoff Wentlandt, City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development
Aly Pennucci, City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development
Ryan Moore, City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development
Shane Dewald City of Seattle Department of Transportation