Celebrating Seattle's Roosevelt Neighborhood
RNA Sustainability & Land Use Meeting, TOMORROW, Tuesday,  June 9 at 7 pm

RNA Sustainability & Land Use Meeting, TOMORROW, Tuesday, June 9 at 7 pm



The combined RNA Sustainability/Land Use committee meeting is:

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 7 to 8:30 p.m.

at Calvary Christian Assembly church (68th and Roosevelt Way NE)



Land Use Agenda items:

1. Sisley park study – update on the ongoing work from Ryan Moore who is heading the study for DPD

2. Seattle 2035 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) – describes 4 alternatives, for growth over the next 20 years.  Visit: Seattle 2035 – DEIS, comments due June 18th.

Alternatives Overview

  • Continue Current Trends (No Action) 
- housing growth for Roosevelt estimated at 400 new units (seems unrealistically low)
    • would plan for a continuation of current growth policies associated with the Urban Village Strategy along with
a continuation of assumed trends that distribute growth among all of the urban centers and urban villages.
  •  Guide Growth to Urban Centers 
(Downtown, First/Capitol Hill, U-District, Northgate, SLU, Uptown) 
- housing growth for Roosevelt estimated at 400 new units (seems unrealistically low)
    • prioritizes greater growth concentrations into the six existing urban centers—Downtown, First/Capitol Hill, University District, Northgate, South Lake Union and Uptown.
  • Guide Growth to Urban Villages near Light Rail 
- housing growth for Roosevelt estimated at 1500 new units
    • prioritizes greater growth concentrations around existing and planned light rail transit stations.
  • Guide Growth to Urban Villages near Transit 

- housing growth for Roosevelt estimated at 1500 new units
    • prioritizes greater growth concentrations around light rail stations and in specific areas along priority bus transit routes.

3. Roosevelt Study by UW planning students – summary presentations from the 3 field tasks, analyzing those findings and making recommendations/suggestions based on what they have learned.

LAND USE Announcements

  1. RNA “Land Use Academy” session 101.  Bull Moose Festival – Sat. July 25th. This is a community-driven project for neighbors to learn about and develop local land use policy, and set priorities. More info:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/dwq5f8visesiv6x/LUA%20Flier%20v3.1.pdf?dl=0
  2. Notice of Streamlined Design Review | 6616 8TH AVE NE | Project 3020076 – Seattle Department of Planning and Development – 5 story structure containing 20 units and no proposed parking. The threshold for streamlined design review is 20 unit or less in MR zones. comments due June 14th
  3. Roosevelt Neighborhood Design Guidelines – to be presented to City Council committee on Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability, on June 19th

Sustainability Agenda items

 Sustainability committee is looking for volunteersPlease consider joining us to table and visit with neighbors.  Please help recruit committee members at the Bull Moose Festival before and after the Land Use Academy session.

  • Anyone with knowledge and skills about CB radio usage – for emergency preparedness planning
  • Others with emergency prep interest and skills
  • Other ideas for sustainability projects for 2015 – 16 as the Board plans for next year

Speakers at June 23rd RNA membership meeting will include King County Rainwise (gardens, roof water collection etc) staff, possibly Office of Sustainability and Environment review of City climate action plans and outcomes.

Again, please notice the Land Use Academy item and flyer for a special morning session at the Bull Moose Festival on July 25th.  It is very important to get as many residents and associate members to this series of educational and discussion events as possible to try to influence what happens in next 20 years in Roosevelt!!  If you can help with publicity (posting flyers, talking to your neighbors) or taking video for these events, let the RNA know.  

Thanks to all those that volunteer for our Committee and make the Roosevelt Neighborhood a wonderful community to work and reside! 

Ellen Stoecker, Secretary/Sustainability Group chair

Jay Lazerwitz, Land Use Group chair