Celebrating Seattle's Roosevelt Neighborhood
City Council update

City Council update

The neighborhood had the rare privilege of having not one, but two, ordinances discussed and passed in the City Council session on Monday:

The revised Roosevelt Neighborhood Design Guidelines were passed: these provide recommendations to developers and architects on how to maintain and enhance the architectural qualities and public spaces of our neighborhood, and are an important step in maintaining the livability and human scale of Roosevelt in a time of rapid change. As the city department of planning & development says: “Design guidelines are the backbone of the Design Review Program. They direct designers and project reviewers to look closely at the neighborhood and its character to design new buildings that enhance their surroundings. The guidelines are used by the Design Review Boards and our staff to assess the merits of a project.

The new guidelines are here (pdf). Thanks to everyone involved who worked on updating and shepherding the new guidelines through!

Additionally the Weedin Place project received a significant matching grant of $25,000 from the Department of Neighborhoods “Large Project Fund”, to cover part of the transformation of Weedin Place from a hazardous cut-through street to an urban park with innovative public art. Again thanks to everyone involved in reaching this milestone!

Minutes of the council session are here.