Celebrating Seattle's Roosevelt Neighborhood
RNAT Agenda   Oct 8th.

RNAT Agenda Oct 8th.

RNA Transport Group Monthly meeting.


Thursday October 8, 2015.   7pm to 8:30


Royal Palms Thai Restaurant. Corner Roosevelt Way & 65th (upstairs)




  1. Review minutes of Sept. meeting with follow up.


2, News from the Board & general RNA business.   Tom


  1. Code of Conduct for developers.  Meeting with Karen Ko. Peter


  1. News & action from bike group.   Scott /Shane/Bill / Ben


  1. News & Action from parking   Peter /Tom


  1. News & action from pedestrian group   Scott/ Shane/ Bill


  1. News & action from rail. Angela


  1. News & Action from buses. Peter / Erin


  1. Other business


  1. Next meeting. Nov 12th.