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Join the Democratic Caucus Saturday

Join the Democratic Caucus Saturday

The Democratic Caucus is happening Saturday at 10am at your local caucus location.caucus map and numbers

Find your local caucus here: http://43rddems.ngpvanhost.com/2016-caucus-information

Volunteers are needed for Precinct Captain, Secretary and delegate tally counter for each of the precincts below (name listed is the current elected Precinct Committee Officer for the 43rd District Democrats):
43-1271 – NONE
43-1279 – NONE
43-2048 – NONE
43-2049 – Laura
43-2068 – Andrea “Andy”
43-2069 – NONE
43-2071 – NONE
43-2084 – NONE
43-2237 – Bill – unsure
43-2238 – Al
43-2239 – Sue
If you’re able to volunteer for the above positions, contact Laura Anderle Bernstein <laura.ea.bernstein@gmail.com> today. Laura and Al Lee are Co-Area Caucus Captains.
If you’re able to volunteer as a greeter, set up helper, etc…. please show up to the site at 8:30 am. Caucus starts at 10 am and will go for about 2 hours or more. Pack water and a snack.
Locate your Precinct with a zoomable map: http://your.kingcounty.gov/elections/gis/maps/leg/Leg43.pdf