Roosevelt Station Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Open House – Jan. 12th 5:30-8:30pm at Roosevelt High School commons, 1410 NE 66th St., Seattle, WA

Sound Transit and the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association invite you to a community open house to discuss future development at the Roosevelt light rail station construction site.

As the Roosevelt Station takes shape, the area used for construction adjacent to the future Roosevelt Station will become available for Transit Oriented Development (TOD). TOD usually involves a mix of housing and commercial uses that support the transit facility.

Combining housing and commercial activity, clustered around, and adjacent to the transit station, will make it easier for people to get around via transit, support local businesses and contribute to neighborhood growth, making Roosevelt a better place to live, work and spend time.

Sound Transit and the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association are eager to hear from you. This is meeting is an opportunity, to comment on the type of housing, community amenities, and urban design features to be included in the future development of the site

Join us to comment on:

· Affordable housing

· Community amenities

· Urban Design Features

To submit questions or comments to Sound Transit: or call 206-398-5300

TOD Workshops (open to the public) to be held at Calvary Christian Assembly, 6801 Roosevelt Way NE, Ness Rm, scheduled for:

Wed. Jan 25th
Wed. Feb 8th
Wed. Feb 22nd