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Feedback about Seattle’s Street Trees requested!

Feedback about Seattle’s Street Trees requested!

Did you know that the Seattle Dept of Transportation (SDOT) is responsible for maintaining 40,000 of Seattle’s 250,000 trees? As part of the new Levy to Move Seattle, they’ve created a new Street Tree Management Plan (STMP).

From SDOT:

The STMP aims to improve the condition of SDOT maintained street trees by the end of 2024 in a more comprehensive way. Through effective inventorying, maintenance, replacement, and community involvement we hope to ensure the health, preservation, and expansion of Seattle’s urban forest.

Moving into the second year of the program, we would like to engage with communities and do our part in creating and maintaining clean, healthy, resilient, and safe environments.

We’d appreciate it if you could forward our 10-minutesurvey to any relevant listservs or member groups you may have. The survey provides an opportunity to share any thoughts on where and how SDOT should focus street tree work through 2024. In addition, we have recently launched an informational website to provide anyone who is interested with more information about our activities.

Together we will continue to keep Seattle’s trees growing and thriving!

To specially note: In 2017, SMTP will be focusing on University District / Ravenna / Eastlake. This survey asks for public input about how the plan should prioritize work and provide information to citizens.