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Ravenna/Cowen Cleanup

Ravenna/Cowen Cleanup

Reposted from the May Roosie

By Fred Potter

If you frequent Ravenna and Cowen parks, you have probably noticed an influx of unauthorized encampments, associated garbage, and even needles over the last couple of years. The parks department does a good job keeping all the main paths and play areas clean, but they don’t get to many of the off-path areas. Abandoned encampments and just general trash can linger for months.

A group of neighbors and park goers are forming a Ravenna/Cowen Cleanup Crew to do regular cleanups in the park. We’ve done two cleanups already this year and collectively have gathered about 80 bags of garbage and disposed of 37 needles. We plan to host cleanups every 4-6 weeks and our next one will happen on Saturday, May 6th at 10am.

If you’d like to participate in the next cleanup or just follow along, visit: www.ravennacowencc.org. Follow the link there to join our Facebook group and get details on upcoming cleanups or discuss problem areas in the park.

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