Celebrating Seattle's Roosevelt Neighborhood
Roosevelt Light Rail Station TOD project

Roosevelt Light Rail Station TOD project

The City announced funding for “Equitable Community” next to the future Roosevelt Light Rail station. The Seattle Office of Housing today announced $15 million in funding for building affordable homes at Seattle’s future Roosevelt light rail station.

Sound Transit and the City of Seattle Office of Housing (OH) jointly request proposals from qualified entities (local government, housing authority, or a non-profit developer) that will result in the construction of an equitable transit-oriented development (TOD) project.

Eighty percent of the units must be affordable to those earning 80 percent of area median income; but lower AMI thresholds are encouraged.

The request for proposals was issued Aug. 4. Proposals are due by Thursday, Sept. 14. A pre- proposal meeting will be held, but the date has not been determined. A successful proposer will be announced by the end of the year after a competitive process managed by Sound Transit and the city’s Office of Housing.

“It is exciting to see the Sound Transit commitment to create equitable communities come to fruition,” said Councilmember and Sound Transit Board Member Rob Johnson. “We need housing for all incomes at light rail stations so that all Seattle residents can take advantage of the health, mobility, and cost benefits of living near transit.”

Earlier this year, the Roosevelt community actively participated in a public engagement process to inform the priorities of the transit-oriented development opportunity adjacent to the future station. Many of the community priorities identified through this public process have been integrated into this procurement.

“The Office of Housing appreciated working with a group of neighbors who welcome and support building affordable homes,” stated Steve Walker, director of the Seattle Office of Housing. “The Roosevelt public process is a model for participation to create inclusive communities where families of all income levels can afford to live.”

The Roosevelt Station will open for service in 2021 as one of three stations that will serve the Northgate Link Extension. The affordable housing will be built on a site adjacent to the Roosevelt Station between NE 66th and NE 67th streets and between 12th Avenue NE and Roosevelt Way NE. The property is expected to become available for TOD construction in early 2020.