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Coyote sighting in Ravenna Park?

Coyote sighting in Ravenna Park?

Well my parents visiting from England got a surprise on their morning walk today, when they spotted what we think was a coyote in Ravenna Park, just east of 15th, on 63rd. You can see the slightly grainy “Mulder & Scully”-style photographic evidence here:

Coyote in Ravenna Park?

According to the WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife page on coyotes, these animals are normally wary of humans, but in certain circumstances can be aggressive towards children, cats, or small dogs: “Coyotes are curious but timid animals and will generally run away if challenged. However, remember that any wild animal will protect itself or its young … Never approach an occupied coyote den … Never feed coyotes … Don’t leave small children unattended … If a coyote ever approaches too closely, pick up small children immediately and act aggressively toward the animal.

Interested to hear comments on how frequent these sighting are, and whether this is a concern for folks in the neighborhood.

Dave Wood