Celebrating Seattle's Roosevelt Neighborhood
District 4 City Council Candidates Gather at Community Forum in Roosevelt

District 4 City Council Candidates Gather at Community Forum in Roosevelt

Around 150 community members were present at the June 25th forum.

On Tuesday, June 25, local neighborhood groups hosted a forum to introduce the community to the 10 candidates running for Seattle City Council Position District 4. The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association (RNA), Ravenna Bryant Community Association (RBCA), and Maple Leaf Community Council (MLCC) organized an event at Roosevelt High School where candidates were given a chance to discuss policy priorities and community members could better understand candidate perspectives on a issues ranging from transit and local business displacement to homelessness and education. The candidates who attended were (in random order): Alex Pedersen, Ethan Hunter, Beth Mountsier, Cathy Tuttle, Frank Krueger, Sasha Anderson, Joshua Newman, Shaun Scott, Emily Myers, and Heidi Stuber.

Around 150 people turned out for the forum to hear the candidates’ opinions and perspectives on current events and key issues. All 10 of the candidates were present and participated in a civil and thorough discussion. For many voters, as the primary approaches on August 6, this may have been one of the best opportunities for voters to learn from at least one of who will be the city council member.

Video of the June 25th forum is viewable below and here.

Candidates were asked about their plans for supporting small and local businesses, particularly in a time of great change in the city. They spoke of their backgrounds and qualifications, and described policy initiatives they would support, even if it were unpopular with their constituents. Education, transportation, behavioral health, and homelessness were all addressed throughout the evening.

The election deadline day is Tuesday, August 6, so visit our website to see a video of the evening’s proceedings and for more information about community events.