Early outreach has begun on a 126 unit apartment building with retail on the ground floor at the corner of NE 65th St and Roosevelt Way NE. The project will demolish the existing structure previously occupied by longtime neighborhood anchor, East West Bookshop as well as current stalwart Teddy’s and newer (by comparison) neighborhood favorite Atlantic Crossing. According to the project website, estimated completion is 2024.

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Project site at NE 65th St and Roosevelt Way NE – Google Maps
Project site from the South

The project, referred to simply as 6500 Roosevelt Way NE, will be designed by architects Collins Woerman, and built by contractor Sustainable Living Innovations (SLI). The stated goal of the project is to “showcase environmental sustainability and enliven a gateway corner of the Roosevelt neighborhood.”

Collins Woerman has a sizable portfolio of regional large institutional (labs, hospitals, etc), commercial, and mixed use apartment/retail projects. They were the architects of Circa at Greenlake, and the Whole Foods development in Fairview. 

Sustainable Living Innovations, the Seattle-based contractor, is wholly owned by Collins-Woerman co-founders Arlan Collins and Mark Woerman according to that company’s website. According to the SLI website, SLI’s buildings are constructed  pre-designed units and panels fabricated offsite with all the plumbing, electrical and data infrastructure installed. This maximizes construction efficiency, and speeds onsite build times. The resulting buildings have reduced operating costs.

They were the architects of Circa at Greenlake, and the Whole Foods development in Fairview. 

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Panel construction – SLI

Projects Collins Woerman highlighted on the website for 6500 Roosevelt include 615 Dexter and 303 Battery—both very large mixed use buildings in progress. Those buildings are highlighted on the SLI website as well, perhaps because they highlight the SLI panel technology that will likely be used on this project. 

615 Dexter project – Collins Woerman/SLI

SLI claims that their multi-factor sustainability plan makes these buildings meet or exceed the world’s leading sustainability standards. A very visible part of these buildings is the use of solar panels. Additionally, they also say they reclaim waste heat, treat grey water, and even have regenerative elevator brakes. 

According the the 6500 Roosevelt project site, permitting is expected from 2021-2023. Construction is slated to start in 2023, and to conclude in 2024. 

We are happy to hear that the project developers are talking to some of the current building tenants, to discuss options to return to the site as occupants in the new building.

You can get involved now. The 6500 Roosevelt project website is located at https://www.6500rooseveltwayneproject.com. That site includes a survey, a comment form, and email address for your feedback.

The RNA would also like to know what you think about this and other developments. Please feel free to send your thoughts to mailto:LandUse@rooseveltseattle.org