Celebrating Seattle's Roosevelt Neighborhood
Cedar Crossing Celebration 9/10/2022

Cedar Crossing Celebration 9/10/2022

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association welcomes Cedar Crossing residents to the neighborhood Saturday, September 10, 2022 from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.

The Cedar Crossing project is a gem for the Roosevelt neighborhood, providing 200 units of housing, a large portion of which are two and three bedroom units ready to welcome families to the neighborhood. The project has a focus on providing affordable housing in an environment of rapidly-increasing rents. An onsite daycare, programming and support will be available to residents.

This project has been a decade or more in the making. The light rail was originally slated to stop at an elevated station along I-5 to reduce costs and to interact with the Park & Ride. The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association (RNA) and the community advocated for the Roosevelt stop to be in the middle of the neighborhood where is currently sits. The land adjacent to the station site was used during construction to store tunnel segments and other supplies. The RNA, along with Sound Transit, the Office of Housing and others engaged in a series of outreach and planning meetings to understand what the neighborhood wanted to see on the former QFC site to the west of the station. In early meetings, it was proposed that what the neighborhood needed was a large number of units, with larger units for families, great retail on the ground floor, and affordability for residents.

The challenge is that this is a unicorn of a project. Ground floor retail is often a cost underwritten in order to attract residents. If the units were to be affordable, ground-floor retail would likely be scaled back. In order to make all of the neighborhood’s wishes a reality took multiple agencies to come together and make contributions for the project financials to work out.

On November 10, 2021 the RNA got a look at Cedar Crossing as it neared completion. It was clear then that this was going to be a fantastic building.

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association welcomes the residents of Cedar Crossing to the neighborhood!