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Interested in land use developments around the light rail station? Looking for community events that help you connect with your neighbors? Have a unique talent for design, fundraising, marketing, social media, or business development? If so, consider joining the RNA to share your skills or learn more about the exciting changes in our neighborhood.

For more information, including the meeting location, contact the committee below:

Name Officer/Director Email
Board of Directors –
Roosevelt Business Group –
Fundraising & Grants –
Bull Moose Festival –
Transportation Committee (RNAT) –
The Roosie Editor –
Land Use Academy –
Sustainability / Emergency Prep Group –
Business & Residential Membership –
Head Blockhead for The Roosie –


  1. Hi, this message is for Tova. My name is Brian, and I am a MSW student looking to organize an event in the U-District. I’d like to speak with you, and anyone else on the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association, about being on a steering committee for a community organizing event to address institutional racism and neighborhood safety. Please contact me by my cell phone: 626-450-5272. Looking forward to hearing back!

    Brian Chang
    MSW Candidate, University of Washington

    • Oops… Just saw this!

      This sounds FANTASTIC!

      Please contact the following people:

      Ellen Stoecker <>, Kristina Tova Ramer <>, Jack Mowreader

      secretary, membership, president

  2. Hello,

    I am writing on behalf of a client that is interested in doing a one day event. In a nutshell, it’s a company that has developed a phone app to help local merchants get shoppers directed to their stores. The purpose is to support locally & build a community.

    That said, we are wondering if you would be interested in allowing 4-6 business from your area set up pop up shops In Roosevelt. This would involve setting up a handful of local merchants (small businesses only approx 6 – 10) that would that would set up shop for a designated amount of time either in a park or block party style along with a local food truck.

    Please let me know if this is something that you might be interested in allowing in your neighborhood. I can be reached via email or at 617.304.2062.

    Thanks so much for your consideration.


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