Roosevelt, Seattle

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association

Transportation Committee – Minutes December 2014

Roosevelt Neighborhood Association Transportation (RNAT) Committee

Thursday, December 11th, 2014 – Olympic Pizza, Roosevelt

Our guest, Jonathan Williams from SDOT, came to discuss the survey that came to our attention last month

SDOT has traditionally focused on studying the paid parking in Roosevelt.

The parking survey does not include the portions of Northeast 61st Street, Northeast 62nd Street and Northeast 66th Street, which RNAT has identified as hotspots. The business area is not necessarily the biggest hotspot.

  • Jonathan will look into getting these streets included in the study.

Discussion of friction between businesses and community members over RPZ parking.

Jonathan noted efforts to allow only 1 RPZ permit per microhousing room, versus 4 for other addresses.

Paid parking

  • Roosevelt pay rate is $1/hr., lowest in the city, with four hour limit
  • Use rates in Roosevelt are slightly below target (~80% full); only stress
  • New paystations in 2016 may allow morning, afternoon, and evening rate

Sound Transit is on hook to mitigate use of residential areas as dumping ground for cars for commuters. Will look at instituting RPZ in 2019-2020.

Discussion of employee parking – RNAT raised concerns and discussed their local lot options, as well as concerns like 2 AM

Jonathan will look into options of using high school parking lot

Off-street parking

  • SDOT has limited resources. Noted that it is easy to perform a study, and indications are after 7 PM. Would be willing to provide information, but does not generally conduct these studies.


  • Would be open to load zone changes, RPZ changes
  • Will follow-up on disabled spots, high school lot, Metro Park & Ride at light rail, signage



Community Fitness concern

Not much update

Scott has sent out an email with some updates

Per Bill, SDOT indicated at the Re-Pave Open House that the BMP is pretty much set in stone, aside from design concerns

Discussion of bike islands in Roosevelt Way

Discussion of using more pressure



Keep bringing up the pedestrian issue and bicyclist issues with the Design Guidelines Group, which advises on new developments – timeline on that group is end of December or January



In research mode – Looking at Walking Audit (which is tough to find!), collision rates; hopes to bring suggestions for next steps at next meeting. Also looking at back-to-school options. Also interested in looking at a Night Walk Audit.

For now, Elaine is OK working alone. Will work on bringing people in as needed



Heard reduction from of 19 to 4 bus stops on 65th Street – will look into what that

Angela to attend Nyhus Group meeting. They’re growth/development referred to consultants. Angela will update us on how it goes.