Roosevelt, Seattle

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association

Transportation Committee – Minutes June 2015

RNAT meeting     June 11th 2015, Pies & Pints pub.


  1. Summer Plans.   We will meet in July but not in August


  1. Bull Moose

Do we want to have a presence at Bull Moose (July 25th 9am to 3pm).   It would involve having a booth there and working in shifts to cover it all day. I reckon we need 3-5 people to sign up for .   Decided yes to do this.

2-3 hours each. It is a great opportunity to reach out to neighbors and discuss issues we care about as well as recruiting new members.

Angela will set up, Scott 9a-11a, Peter 11a-1p, Erin can do 1-3pm and take down.

Peter will write some ideas for booth content and circulate among RNAT. Tom out of town that afternoon but will help Peter create materials.

July meeting (14th) Angela will reserve WholeFoods meeting area or church.

No meeting in August.


  1. Web presence.   (Scott, Peter, All) What does RNAT have on the RNA website. Does it reflect who we are and what we are doing. What do we need to do?

What blogs should we be looking at. Do we engage/post on these?,, seattleurbanist, seattlegreenways, tweets; ben, tom, peter want to be added

Roosevelt FB group; something monthly

Roosevelt NextDoor: Scott, Tom, Peter are on in neighborhood.

Peter will meet with Dirk about Minutes, articles, events, scrolling calendar for meeting place of RNAT, email contact (rnatransportation).

  1. The RNA Board.


  1. Board letter / statement on RNAT role – let’s just put it on the website
  2. Two-year cycle board positions


Community fitness – Tom continues to talk them on a neighbor basis but not as RNA

Fish store apodments – development frozen;

Study Rpz+guests passes = 25% of Apodment units in areas covered by RPZs. A cluster of 8 gets 4 RPZs. Difference between a unit and a bedroom. Ex. 128 rooms of fish store=8 clusters= (clusters have a max of 8 units). What do we say? If it goes >25% or it should be none. Tough philosophical question: ranked list of priorities so we know what to fight for that we can give and take.

Erin will call a meeting including a LandUse person.

SDOT parking mitigation for PBL(we commented):

Coordination of off street parking – map; Peter will forward to Shane

Loading zones

2 pedestrian crossings

N 66th E and W of Roosevelt Way – Peter organized a meeting between Atlantic Crossing and Weaving Works around. Two loading zones combined into one and morning only. 66th might open up to parking if green fence can move one foot north.

Foodtrucks – policy visiting during construction

We need to develop a general strategy for new apartments with no or little parking. (see Shanes email this week)

  1. Bikes (Ben, Scott, Bill, Shane)   Updates on……

PBL on Roosevelt pushed back until the end of the year, took away curb bulbs; scott will look into what curb bulbs taking out.

Massive pronto bike station if grant


  1. Transit ( Erin, Peter)   Get details on 78 from Erin; no changes to Link will impact Roosevelt

Erin is writing SoundingBoard: next steps (metro should) and we can add ideas for her to add

(draft due the 24th) Peter and Erin will exchange email.


  1. Pedestrians (Elaine, Scott)   updates on
    a) crossing at 70th & 8th: – still looking at numbers
    b) crossing at Weedin / 8th / 66th – asked if the people organizing Weedin Place it they will include it and Peter thinks he’s persuaded them. Ask for 4-way stop. Not going to happen as part of PBL mitigation, though we asked.


  1. Next meeting. July 14, 2015, India Bistro  7pm-8:30pm