Roosevelt, Seattle

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association

Transportation Committee – Minutes November 2014

Roosevelt Neighborhood Association Transportation (RNAT) Committee

November 13, 2014       India Bistro, Roosevelt



Next RNA Board Meeting on Tuesday, January 6th. Bill and possibly Ben will attend to provide recommendations to RNA Board on what actions to take.

5:30 on Monday, the Roosevelt Way Repaving Open House will be held at University Heights Community Center.

Ben will send out draft, in conjunction with Scott and Bill, of recommendations to RNAT membership.

Our understanding is that it will start at the south end and expand northward

Bill’s understanding is that there will be a one-way southbound cycle track, 7’ wide with a 5’ buffer, to replace the parking lane.

Idea for discussion and article, and inclusion in the meeting notice: What are the issues for the businesses, cyclists, and pedestrians for the Roosevelt Way repaving?

Bike lane on 66th Street

Ample & Secure bike storage at the Station

Scott, Ben, and Bill will connect with Shane to find out more information, and then start working on a conversational/informational presentation for January. Angela will get us on the agenda for January.

Peter has contacted Jeffrey Wendlandt with the Department of Planning, and is waiting to hear back

Bill notes that they are considering routing buses down 66th Street.

Possible conflict between bus reroutes and bike lane – something to watch

Bill talked to the Project Manager, and noted that they plan to have bus cages and other storage. Early plans sound ample.



Peter went through the email response from SDOT

Discussion ensued of the RPZs, including for the congregate housing at 61st & Roosevelt.

DeAnna has expressed frustration (shared with RNAT) about the effectiveness of engaging SDOT. General agreement.

Bill discussed the possibility of getting business owners together to create a LID to buy a parking lot and turn it into a parking garage.

Community Fitness – In Tom’s opinion, nothing has changed. The things we asked him to do haven’t happened. Peter has connected with Christine (a resident of 61st who Peter knows via dog-walking) and Tom is setting up a meeting with Community Fitness, the parking folks, and the 61st Street neighbors.

Haven’t even striped the road – appear to have done nothing but set up some two-bike bike racks.

Peter has invited Jonathan Williams from SDOT to our December 11th meeting to discuss the parking survey he did last year. We will push ideas like coordinating off-street parking, and improving signage.

Peter will set up a meeting with Kmbris and the Roosevelt Business Association.

What are we going to ask of the Board for parking?

Erin will prepare for a list of priorities for discussion with Jonathan Williams.

Possible grants for wayfinding signs



Elaine will be back in December.

Will take a look at new Prop. 1

Road conditions

8th Ave NE – between NE 66th St and NE 70th St

Brooklyn Ave NE – between Ravenna Ave NE and NE 65th St


Next time: Thursday, December 11th PM, Olympic Pizza, 6413 Roosevelt Way NE (Erin will book our upcoming taste adventure)