Roosevelt, Seattle

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association

Transportation Committee – Minutes October 2014

RNAT   October 2014 minutes – October 9, 2014

Review of minutes for September meeting:


Involved with Feet First—predominantly interested in pedestrian safety issues, especially with new light rail station.


We haven’t dealt with pedestrian issues yet, but we were going to. There is also a blind guy in neighborhood who might be interested—amount of unauthorized street furniture.

Things we said that each group wanted to do in the next year.

Look at our lists from the last meeting. What do we want to do in the next year?

What do we want from the board?


~~~~~Group discussion~~~~~

Parking committee

Talking to SDOT—may need to go over our contact’s head, because he is not being responsive.

What we want from the board: to formally ask SDOT for a survey of parking survey.

To ask for a grant for this survey.


Spot sharing

Gareth’s intention was to talk to Kavela (haven’t heard back).

Peter talked to Square One, and they said that their parking was mostly full during the day, as people worked from home.

We should go around and chat with people about the idea. We will need to come up with a couple of success stories to persuade other blocks.

Do apartment management companies go to the business group? Angela will ask Kimbris.

Goal: one pilot spot running before we break for summer.


Hot spots 

Continue planting the seed that parking will be a big issue.

Community fitness—hasn’t yet striped their angle parking or painted the curbs. Problem has spread to 61st. Meeting November? Tom will talk to Christine about a possible date.

NE 66th St—Nothing has been done. That road is a pedestrian danger zone.

Rooster was also going to be asked to move their office to their basement.


Work with RNA business community 

Some local workers have talked to Tom and asked to borrow his RPZ so they can park for their shifts. Get one lot priced for just 8 hours at a time, so that it discouraged shoppers and encourage worker parking. Peter and Angela will talk to Kmbris about a possible surface level employee lot.


Roosevelt High School 

Principal Brian Vance likes the idea. We don’t know whether it is his decision, though. People do it anyway, but we would like to formalize.

Peter will talk to Brian Vance to figure out who we should talk to. Shared use agreement?


Biking committee

Get the board to agree on a 65thish street alignment for the bike path. Need to talk to the people who live on the street so they’re apprised and we know their opinions.

Bike audit? Do an audit of where bike facilities are subpar.

Street width map.

Making sure new station plan has bike storage.

66th st between 15th and the freeway was designated as a greenway, and there was a committee a couple of years ago, but nothing has happened with that.

New committee is taking this up again. Peter will talk to Jay, on the new committee, about that.

Mainly about getting ducks in a row so when someone wants to know what the Roosevelt Neighbors want, we have an answer.

Drop in presentation at the Whole foods next Wednesday 5:30 to 7:30, to talk about the new station.

Elaine will start thinking about pedestrian safety.

Dealing with city agencies

We have to persuade agency people. The board might be helpful. Peter will write a letter to send from the board to SDOT.

Dealing with SDOT’s being very happy about green-lighting developments.



Do we want new members? If we have them, we can get more work done.

Every one of us should write one piece for the Roosie per year. (Deadline is approximately the 20th of the month)

Find people with problems, and capitalize on them!

Pronto!—get a station up this far north. Pitch Green Lake as a destination?


Next meeting: India Bistro November 13th. 

Next RNA Board meeting 6:30 November 4th—we should try to be there.

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