Roosevelt, Seattle

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association

Transportation Committee – Minutes September 2014

Minutes of RNA Transport Group mtg.   September 11, 2014 . At Café Padrone


Present: Michael, Erin, Angela, Ben, Scott, Peter, Bill


Review of Questionaires carried out at Bull Moose in July.

Parking (Erin):

Some problems noted mostly around current hotspots on NE 62 / Roosevelt and NE 66th & Roosevelt

Some HS student parking problems

64th & Brooklyn

Biking (Ben):

Generally supportive of bike infrastructure, some anti bike,

Pro bike and ped safety, generally like greenway, lanes, track.

Biking sub committee goals for coming year

  1. Peter proposed that in Fall we go to Board to explain our findings on the proposed bike route along 65th and ask board to take a position for Roosevelt which we can then work on in Roosevelt and in wider community.
  2. Roosevelt Way is to be re-surfaced from 65th to Univ. Bridge. This should include good provision for bikes which we should work with
  3. Michael reported that Banner Way has lots of accidents now and is dangerous to bikes, especially where 2 lanes reduce to one lane. Asked group to work with SDOT on improving safety there. Group agreed to put that on docket for coming months.

Parking sub committee goals for coming year

  1. Work with SDOT to conduct neighborhood wide review of parking including surface off street parking, on street parking and use of basement parking in apartment buildings.
  2. Try to find and start a pilot apartment/business
  3. Continue to work on hot-spots as they arise and
  4. Work with RNA business community to develop smart
  5. Connect with High School to develop parking plans for:
  • parking sharing scheme for business employees.
  • engage the neighborhood in realizing the implications of growth on residential and business parking.
  • use of parking for clients and employees.
  • use of their lot out of school hours.


SDOT meeting (Sept 8th)

5 local resident (including Peter) met with 3 SDOT employees at Broadcast Café. – We walked   66th – (Roosevelt to 8th) and discussed measures to :

  1. Calm traffic that speeds along the road with frequent back ps and angry confrontations. The street is only able to have 1 vehicle at a time when all parking is taken up.
  2. Manage on-street parking of this RPZ. Parking is often taken up by Rooster construction parking, yoga studio clients and boxing gym clients. Residents often unable to park on street. Compounded by removal of parking along 8th & 67th due to that new construction work. Also requiring Rooster to move their offices off sidewalk and into their basement.
  3. At the 8th end of the street pedestrian crossing is chaos. There are currently 2 construction projects going on and with sidewalk closures, there is no safe place to cross 8th. This is a place where children from the newly opened school on Ravenna Blvd are walking and cars are speeding up to take the hill up 8th to the Freeway entrance.
  4. Change loading zone times to noon to create more parking in afternoons.
  5. Consider back in angle parking on some blocks to increase on-street parking
  6. Change no parking zone outside Broadcast Café from 7am to 9am to just the southern half of the block to enable right turn lane.
  7. Manage traffic conflicts and parking around 64th & Brooklyn, which is used as a short-cut to Wholefoods.
  8. Not allowing apartment blocks that provide no Parking to apply for RPZ permits (this is specifically to do with new micro apartments about to be built on Roosevelt between 61st & 62nd).

SDOT employees took all our ideas and suggestions away and will get back to us soon to let us know what they can do and who we need to talk to for the other things.


Who wants to work on what in the coming year.

– biking Scott, Bill, Ben Michael

– parking Peter, Erin, Tom (in his absence)

– light rail. Angela.

– public transit, Peter

– Pedestrian safety 8th/ I-5 intersection,


Other ideas.

1.Concerns expressed that construction projects not being held to a high standard of sidewalk safety during permitting because our Land Use ctte has not been fully functional.

2. Social event at Peter’s home in late Oct or early Nov

3. We need to get and develop a presence on the RNA webpage over the fall so people know what we are doing and might want to join us.


Next meeting – Thrive Restaurant on October 9th @ 7pm