Roosevelt, Seattle

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association

Budget & Fundraising


Conceptual Design Work $65,000

Entire Landscaping Budget Doc $250,000

Phase 1 Landscaping Budget Doc $65,000

Public Artwork Budget $100,000


Funding for a project this size takes time and energy. Funds are being generated by a variety of sources including city department grants, other grants, and from neighborhood businesses and neighbors willing to support an improvement to their neighborhood.

To date, the following funding has been granted or requested:

2013 Office of Economic Development grant: $40K – GRANTED

2014 Office of Economic Development grant: $30K -GRANTED

2015 Department of Neighborhoods Small Sparks grant: $25K – GRANTED

2015 Neighborhood Park and Street Fund grant: $30K – GRANTED

2015 Department of Neighborhoods Large Project grant: $25K – GRANTED

2016 Neighborhood Street Fund grant: $575K – REQUESTED

The current funding is paying for design services and will fully fund phase 1 implementation, which will close the street to through traffic and likely add a painted surface treatment to the street, limited seating (possibly erratic boulders), and some plantings in containers.

If you are interested in supporting this project and getting your name incorporated into the space, you will have the opportunity to purchase an engraved plaques or pavers.  For more information, or to volunteer with the fundraising efforts, please contact