Roosevelt, Seattle

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association

Landscape Concept

The landscape design firm, SvR worked in conjunction with the artist, Chris Burnside, the Weedin Place Steering Committee and the community to finalize the landscape concept.

The concept was finalized at the end of March. SDOT is working closely with the relevant City departments and will have info to SvR soon to finalize construction documents.

The concept is a combination of the Meltwater and Drumlin concepts. Community feedback from the February General Meeting as well as feedback via email and budgetary restraints assisted the Steering Committee in advising SvR on which direction to take.

Phase 1 Implementation

Weedin Place Drumlin – Final Concept


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Drumlins are what we are calling the mounded earth surrounded by walls of broken concrete and granite with boulders at the ends to emulate movement and direction and the essence of a miniature drumlin. The function of the drumlins are to do the following:

  • create vertical elements that give the space a sense of grandness
  • set the stage for the future art piece and create relationships within the space
  • provide an obvious language using natural and utilitarian elements to create repetition and organize into usable spaces for seating opportunities
  • highlighting vegetation in the street
  • the plant palette will be a mix of sedum varieties and liriope

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Seating wall on Drumlin

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Meltwater Path

The meltwater path is where a glacier is melting and funnels water, led by gravity, to the lowest point. In the same way, we are using this to represent the meandering painted path that pedestrians will be able to walk on through the site. The meltwater path provides the following:

  • visually demonstrates to vehicles that this space features pedestrians as the priority and they should move cautiously through the space as they cross thresholds
  • encourages people to engage with and feel invited into the space
  • adds color to create a sense of fun in what was a dreary street

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The streambed represents a place where the streambed creates ripples or slows down the water. These play out on the site in a very graphic and playful format as painted geometric shapes on the ground representing the stones that slow down driver and pedestrian movements and allow places to gather. These areas provide the following functions:

  • as mentioned, these spaces are meant to slow vehicular movements and provide a sense of ownership to the pedestrians
  • signify fun spaces to gather
  • add juxtaposition to the naturalistic and grey features of the rest of the site
  • provide community engagement opportunities for application of the templates and paint

Weedin Place Neighbor Meeting 03222016_Page_17Erratics

Erratics are the rocks that a glacier has left behind that are not indigenous to the site. In this case, erratics are all the boulders situated throughout the site. Their functions are:

  • add naturalistic verticality to the site
  • create more opportunities for seating and playing
  • define boundaries and shape large and intimate gathering spaces (e.g. to help delineate between vehicle and non-vehicle areas)
  • break up the streetscape in a way that feels pedestrian-focused, and yet, can be undone if needed in the future if the street would need to be returned to vehicular traffic

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Large Iconic Tree & Raingarden Opportunity

An inverted drumlin, or raingarden, will add many benefits to the site, including:

  • increases the amount of planting on the site and soil volume to grow a large, iconic tree
  • on the west side of the street, there is an opportunity to take an existing drainage issue – the gutter slope is less than 0.5% slope that results in localized ponding – and turn it into an opportunity to improve the existing condition. The proposed improvements will retrofit the existing street edge, removing the existing curb, expanding the planting strip, and replacing the curb with intermittent granite curbing that is spaced to allow runoff from the street to enter the rain garden planting area. The planting area will be graded with a low point and existing soils replaced with 12” depth of amended soil. The enlarged plating area will allow an opportunity for collected stormwater to infiltrate to the extent feasible while maintaining an overflow to the existing downstream gutter.
  • provides a place for natural ecological processes and possible pollinator pathway (and educational opportunities to understand these systems)
  • plantings will have a mix of juncus, geum, iris and mahonia repens

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Weedin Place Neighbor Meeting 03222016_Page_22 Weedin Place Neighbor Meeting 03222016_Page_20 Phase 1 Implementation

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Traffic Changes

Weedin Place will be closed to thru traffic. The driveways will remain open for phase 1. In future phases, the driveway for Bus Stop Espresso will be closed with the owner’s approval. The Shell driveways may become one-way, which is still being determined. The townhouses to the northeast will be accessed via 2-way traffic down a portion of Weedin Place accessed from the north. New SDOT traffic signs will indicate to motorists the proper usage.

Taken from the final concept and phasing meeting presentation with SvR and the Weedin Place Steering Committee

Please feel free to contact with any inquiries.