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Drumlin (previous concept)


Drumlin: An elongated hill formed by glacial ice.
Erratic: Rocks carried up to hundreds of miles by glacial ice. 
 Erratics can range in size from small pebbles to large boulders such as the enormous Wedgewood Rock (on property that was once owned by the Weedin family). 
 Another erratic is located in Ravenna Park.
Fissure: Groove(s) scraped into the ground by a glacier as it travels over the land.

The Drumlin concept showcases vertical height with elevated hills (indicated in yellow below). There are low maintenance plantings and the landscape highlights the rugged, rockiness left behind by a glacier including erratic boulders and fissures. The slope of the elevated area evokes the “drumlin” deposit leftover from a glacier.

Aerial View

Drumlin Plan with callouts

Street Level View

Drumlin section

Drumlin Materials

Drumlin seating 1drumlin seating 2

Erratics Materials

Erratic - boulders Erratic - curbs

Fissure materials

gabionsgabions with seating

Materials and Plantings

Drumlin materials 2 Drumlin materials 1



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