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Meltwater (previous concept)


Meltwater: The water released by the melting of glacial ice.
Drifts: Material of glacial origin including sediment and large rocks (glacial erratics). 
Chatter Marks: Crescent-shaped marks left by chipping the surface with rock fragments in the base of a glacier as the glacier moves.

The Meltwater concept showcases an immersive experience on the ground with a painted path leading you through the space. The green areas in the drawing below are reminiscent of an alpine meadow with wildflowers. The pink areas are raised slightly to bench level and represent glacial drifts.

Aerial View

Meltwater Plan with callouts

Street Level View

Meltwater section

Meltwater Path Materials

Meltwater path materials 1Meltwater path materials 2
Meltwater storytelling timeline

Chatter Mark Materials

Meltwater Chattermarks Materials

New Tree Options

Meltwater Tree Options

Drift Materials

 Meltwater drift materials - salvaged concrete Meltwater drift materials - reuse granite curbs

Drift Material Configurations

Meltwater drift materials configurations

Drift Plantings

Meltwater drift materials - raised plantingsMeltwater drift materials - trees shrubs

Combined with Art Concept

Meltwater Meadow with art concept

Please attend the RNA General Meeting Tues. Feb, 23rd at 6:30pm – 6801 Roosevelt Way NE to see a full presentation. For more information, or to volunteer your time, please contact