Celebrating Seattle's Roosevelt Neighborhood
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Prepare With Neighbors

Meeting with your neighbors builds a strong sense of community and helps everyone to be more prepared for unexpected emergencies.

By working together we can:

  • know each others skills (medical, technical, etc.)
  • know who has special needs (elderly, disabled)
  • plan for child care in case parents can’t get home
  • develop a block map with households, contact info and gas lines

SNAP – Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare

The City of Seattle’s program to assist residents in their efforts to Get Ready, Get Connected and Get Strong for any potential emergency.

Preparedness is a partnership between the City of Seattle, its citizens and the neighborhoods. We know that here in the Puget Sound area we can have a variety of disasters. We also know that our normal daily lives can be severely disrupted, meaning there will be limited to no utilities, limited to no phone communication, transportation disruptions and needs will outnumber responders.

Every household needs to have a Family Disaster PlanBuild a Supply Kit and set up an Out-of-Area contact. Our community can be even stronger if we work with our neighbors to become prepared.

SNAP is a simple and flexible process designed to help neighborhoods create plans that are specific to the neighborhood needs. You and your neighbors can help each other become prepared by organizing together.

SNAP breaks the process of organizing into three parts:

SNAP Community Organizing Meetings

SNAP programs are offered throughout the city to help you, your family and your neighborhoods become better prepared for the next disaster. Visit the event calendar to get the complete schedule. For more information about the SNAP program, call 206-233-5076 or email OEM@Seattle.gov.