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The RNA publishes approximately 2,000 copies of The Roosie newsletter each month, with the exception of June, July, and December. Occasionally, special editions are published on those dates.

Roosevelt residents who volunteer to be “blockheads” deliver the newsletter to businesses and homes in the neighborhood. Copies are often available at Whole Foods Market, Starbucks, and others. We do not distribute by US mail but you may subscribe to electronic edition below.

Local advertisers help pay some of the cost of the publication. Membership and tax-deductible donations help cover the rest.

Subscribe to the be notified when the electronic edition is published.

Article & Advertising Submission Guidelines

Advertising submissions: https://rooseveltseattle.org/theroosie/advertise/

Article submissions: communications@rooseveltseattle.org

Delivery “Blockheads” needed: blockhead@rooseveltseattle.org

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Roosie Electronic Archive

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Send an email to the Roosie Editor to:

  • Learn more about the newsletter
  • Volunteer to be a Blockhead
  • Suggest or write an article (see guidelines below)
  • Advertise in the newsletter (see guidelines below)

Article Submissions

Articles submitted to the newsletter are subject to standard editing. They should be of specific interest to the Roosevelt Neighborhood and be between 300-400 words. All submissions are published based on available space. Articles that follow the above guidelines but are too long for the newsletter may be published on the website. The deadline is the 15th of the proceeding month.

Advertising Submissions

  • Deadline: 15th of the month prior to publication.
  • Delivery: The Roosie will be delivered by the 4th Tuesday of the publication month.
  • Monthly rates:
    RNA Member: $40 per 1/8 page; $80 per 1/4 page; $160 per 1/2 page; $320 per full page
    Non-RNA Member: $50 per 1/8 page; $100 per 1/4 page; $200 per 1/2 page; $400 per full page
  • Ad Sizes: 1/8 (4.00″ x 2.50″); 1/4 (4.00″ x 5.25″); 1/2 (8.00″ x 5.25″); full page (8.00″ x 10.5″)
  • Specifications: electronic only, 300 dpi JPEG or PDF, black and white only.