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Fruit Stand Buildings to be Demolished

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Roosevelt Development Group has reported that the fruit stand buildings will be demolished tomorrow (Tues 9/1) at 8am. An excavator machine is on-site now.


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The Roosie, September 2015

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Read the latest about the Land Use Academy, celebrate another successful Bull Moose Festival and find contact information for the new Roosevelt Neighborhood Association Board in The Roosie, September 2015 newsletter.

(Click on the photos to learn more about the RNA!)

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Learn about the upcoming Land Use Academy learning sessions!

The Roosie September 2015 newsletter.

Please contact to help deliver The Roosie to your neighbors.

 We need many helpers to reach out to 2000+ families in NE Seattle.

Are you a member of the Roosevelt Business Group?

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The mission of the Business Group is to bring vitality to and interest in our neighborhood through collaborative efforts among businesses, the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association, the City of Seattle, private developers, Sound Transit, residents, schools, and other interested parties.

Annual Membership Dues
$95 – Businesses (includes one voting membership and a 20% discount on ads in The Roosie newsletter)

August 5, 2015 at Ten Thousand Villages, 8:30 am 

At 8:30am we will be meeting at Ten Thousand Villages for our August meeting and then meet back in the evening for a gathering with the Seattle Police Department intern to hear from us!

8:30am Meet and Greet – exchange opportunities and exciting news with the neighbors and find ways to collaborate on topics to solve issues and create community!
SDOT repave/bike lane/parking
SPD Community Rep: Karmen Schuur will be leading the evening event at 6pm at TTV
Bull Moose Festival
Other news?

THEN at 6:00pm
Focus group with Seattle Police Department Research Analyst for the North Precinct. Businesses, please give your insight, input, about SPD.


September 2, 2015, 8:30 am Location, TBD.


Learn more about the Roosevelt Business Group here!

Please watch the RNA Land Use Academy Video and take the Land Use Survey!


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Thanks everyone for attending Roosevelt Land Use Academy, Roosevelt 101!

If you weren’t able to complete a form at Bull Moose, a link to the digital version is below.

Not only is your feedback important, the future of the Roosevelt Neighborhood depends on it!

Roosevelt 101 Survey:

Save the Date


1,000+ visitors & 70+ attendees of LUA

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A big SHOUT OUT to our Land Use team that hosted an amazing Roosevelt Neighborhood Association Land Use Academy. What a fantastic event with over 70 attendees that helped all of us understand the history of land use issues, especially related to the inclusive, community-led effort of updating our Neighborhood Design Guidelines and upcoming Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Stay tuned for VIDEO of the event and SAVE THE DATE for the next LUA meeting on Saturday, September 19th. This will be an opportunity for us to learn about the range of creative, exciting options for our community, as well as concerns that we grow mindfully and inclusively. All are welcome!

Thanks so much to everyone that made The Roosevelt Bull Moose FestivalSustainable Living a success! Really looking forward to partnering with new members this Fall. Please visit to donate to the RNA and find out about upcoming events, meetings… if you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to post your questions in our Facebook Community Group or at Roosevelt Seattle by the RNA or here!  We had over 1,000 people visit our website on Saturday and a fantastic turnout at the festival!
(There are wonderful pictures on facebook and twitter, including video of our new RNA president showing off his dance moves!) LUA-Banner

Thank you to everyone that volunteered their time for our community!

Want to contribute or advertise in Fall Issues of The Roosie? Contact us today.

Will we see you at the Roosevelt Bull Moose Festival tomorrow?

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Tag your Bull Moose Festival Photos on

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Schedule (subject to change)


8:30am- 10:30am Free Pancake Breakfast – Sponsored by CCA and Whole Foods
9:15am Live music: Menghis Khan
10:15am Yoga by Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi – Start the morning off with a stretch after breakfast.
10:45am Moose calling competition – our goal is to attract as many moose as possible into the neighborhood. Open to all – here’s an idea what we are looking for. Second annual event. Register in person starting at 9:00am.
11:15pm Living Voices Act – Historic performance art on the Klondike period with special segment geared towards the Roosevelt neighborhood’s connection to Teddy Roosevelt
12:30pm Fire Truck arrives
12:30pm Dance Exhibition / Contest– show us your moves and win prizes! No Experience Necessary! (registration starts at 10:30am)
 1:30pm Dog Contest – bring your dog and win prizes! (registration in person at 12:00pm)
3:00pm Live Music – The Rafael Tranquilino Band
3:00pm After Party: Rooster Apartments with snacks from Portage Bay Cafe
6:00pm Bar Crawl: Participating bars and restaurants




A community-driven project for neighbors to learn about and develop local land use policy

The RNA Land Use Academy is a series of 5 meetings to educate and organize the community around issues of pressing importance in our neighborhood:

Future Sessions:

  • Sat., Sept. 19th – Land Use 201 – Current Issues in Land Use Planning
  • Sat., Oct. 10th – Roosevelt 301 – Sisley Property Redevelopment
  • Sat., Oct. 24th – Roosevelt 302 – Sound Transit Light Rail TOD
  • Sat., Nov. 7th – Roosevelt 303 – Roosevelt Reservoir

The overall objective of the Land Use Academy is to distill and to document community sentiment around each of the last three topics above. For each subject, the RNA intends to produce a short report and summary of survey data and other outreach activity within the Land Use Academy.

To produce the best quality input from the RNA, the first two LUA meetings are primarily instructive and educational. “Roosevelt 101” will recount neighborhood planning and rezoning discussions spanning parts of three decades. “Land Use 201” will introduce a wide variety of current land use issues, including affordable housing, open space, livability and selected transportation topics.

The spirit of the Land Use Academy is to build a shared understanding of community history and values, upon which to develop local land use policy pertaining to particular projects and locations. City government wants to know what we think.

The focus of the Land Use Academy is on neighborhood residents and stakeholders, so that their concerns can be most effectively communicated. However, meetings will be open to any interested party. All participants are encouraged to understand the overall program structure of the Land Use Academy; that the first two meetings, Roosevelt 101 and Land Use 201, are primarily “listening” sessions, and that the three “electives”, Roosevelt 301, 302 and 303 are intended to capture community input.  Meetings will be video-recorded for online access.

Neighborhood land use is an often weighty and contentious matter with long-lasting consequences. An historical awareness and thoughtful perspective amidst competing interests is essential for realizing the best possible outcomes for everyone.  Welcome to the RNA Land Use Academy!   Learn more: RNA “Land Use Academy” an  introduction from Jim O’Halloran.  For more information or to reserve your seat in class contact Jim O’Halloran at

RNA Land Use Academy “Roosevelt 101” July 25th – agenda

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Roosevelt 101” is the first of five meetings planned for the Land Use Academy presented by the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association (RNA).

Our launch event will take place in conjunction with the Roosevelt Bull Moose Festival on Saturday, July 25th 2015 at Calvary Christian Assembly located at 68th Avenue NE & Roosevelt Way in North Seattle.   Scheduled meeting time is from 10:00 AM until 11:30 AM. Meeting space is in the Ness Room at CCA on the ground floor of the building most conveniently accessed near the corner of 68th and 8th Avenue NE.

Meeting Agenda Highlights: [MC – Jim O’Halloran, RNA]

  • Introductory Comments – Kathy Nyland, Director, Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods 
  • Growth Management & Citywide Planning – Ryan Moore, Senior Planner, DPD
  • Original Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan (1990’s) – Renee Davis, Co-chair, Tomorrow’s Roosevelt
  • Neighborhood Light Rail Campaign (2004-2005) – Jim O’Halloran
  • Neighborhood Plan Update & Zoning Recommendations (2005 – 2006) – Barbara Warren
  • Neighborhood Plan Prioritization Process (200X) – Jim O’Halloran
  • Sustainable, Livable Roosevelt Plan/City Council Rezone (2011 – 2012) – Jim O’Halloran, Sarah Swanberg, RBCA
  • Green Streets Design Project (2012) – Jay Lazerwitz, RNA Land Use Chair
  • Neighborhood Design Guidelines Update – (201X – 2015) – Jay Lazerwitz, RNA Land Use Chair

This session, Roosevelt 101, is planned as an informative, educational session for neighborhood residents and stakeholders. There will be opportunity for Q&A, but this session is not intended for in-depth public comment. Subsequent sessions will explicitly encourage community comments and input.

[Jim O’Halloran]

RNA “Land Use Academy” – introduction from Jim O’Halloran

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[Get more details on the Land Use Academy here, below is an overview from Jim of the goals behind the initiative]

I’m not exactly surprised that Roosevelt’s fate as a future light rail transit station has focused city-wide attention on the neighborhood. What has surprised me is the intensity of the advocacy by different groups. Two examples make the point:

For the Roosevelt Reservoir site which might be made surplus by the City, elaborate plans are circulating for an ice-rink anchored sports complex. On property which might be seized from landlord Hugh Sisley, there’s a passionate debate about whether to provide a park or affordable housing. All of these ideas are interesting, but they’re coming at the neighborhood like a freight train.

Here in Roosevelt we’ve made a name for ourselves by proactively planning our future. We did our own lobbying with Sound Transit in 2004-2005, to get the light rail station on 12th Avenue instead of on 8th along the freeway. We asked for transit and the associated increases in development to be placed in the heart of our community. We were the first Seattle community to initiate an update of our Neighborhood Plan, and we submitted detailed zoning recommendations to the City. We haven’t always achieved our specific objectives, but we have clearly influenced local land use and transportation policy, because we have been organized and coherent in expressing community sentiment.

The RNA Land Use Academy is the new land use initiative of the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association. It is a community-originated, community-driven endeavor to develop and to project neighborhood interests as critical long-term policy decisions are made. We created a collegiate-looking logo to emphasize that we are all learning alongside each other. We are collaborators and want to celebrate what is wonderful about Transit Oriented Development. We’re going to learn about land use issues and apply good thinking to specific neighborhood development sites. In addition to the Reservoir and Sisley topics, disposition of properties surrounding the future light rail station warrant careful consideration.

For each of these three critical issues and possibly more, the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association would like for the community to determine some level of consensus around values and priorities, which will be documented and approved by the RNA Board. Each report will include open, public meetings and survey results to provide greater insight into community sentiment. In this way the neighborhood can have the greatest impact on its own future.

There is encouragement and support for the RNA Land Use Academy at City Hall. Downtown decision makers want to know what the neighborhood is thinking. To optimize and maximize our legitimate influence, we have to organize.

Mark your calendars for the inaugural RNA Land Use Academy event, to be held at the Bull Moose Festival on Saturday, July 25 at 10:00 AM (and feel free to attend the festival before or afterwards). If you can’t attend you’ll find a video transcript on the RNA website. Find more information and register to attend at: