Celebrating Seattle's Roosevelt Neighborhood
RNA  |  The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association

Sound Transit TOD

Cedar Crossing housing development rendering
Cedar Crossing, a joint partnership between Bellwether Housing and Mercy Housing Northwest, will provide over 250 units of affordable housing at Roosevelt Station

Together with Sound Transit and other community partners, the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association (RNA) has been able to ensure that the land adjacent to the light rail station will be developed into 245 new affordable housing units to low-income families and individuals as part of a Transit Oriented Development. Bellwether Housing and Mercy Housing Northwest will develop the site, to be called Cedar Crossing, and contribute to the vitality of the neighborhood around the station.

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In 2016, the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association (RNA) secured a grant from the Enterprise Foundation to partner with Sound Transit to solicit community input that formed the basis for the Request for Proposals (RFP) that was used to identify a developer for the site. Over the course of several months, Sound Transit hosted forums and conversations with RNA members and other community stakeholders to identify the community’s goals and values to create new housing on the site.

After numerous workshops and meetings, the community identified the following principles that would guide selection of a developer for the site:

  1. The project should create significant long-term affordable housing opportunities
  2. The project should minimize its orientation to automobiles
  3. The project should maximize its orientation to pedestrians
  4. The project should incorporate active ground floor uses
  5. The project should contribute to the identity of the local community and public realm

Ultimately, the joint venture between Bellwether Housing and Mercy Housing Northwest was chosen to develop the block and bring new vibrancy to the future Light Rail area. Bellwether and Mercy are now partnering together to bring high-quality housing, engaging retail, community-centered space to the Roosevelt neighborhood that celebrates low-income families and the surrounding community. 6600 Roosevelt will provide 245 new affordable homes to low -income families and individuals. Over 100 apartments will be two- and three-bedroom units, providing opportunities for large families to live in this opportunity-rich neighborhood. Additional units are set aside for families transitioning out of homelessness. 

Mercy will provide resident services coordination to families and formerly homeless households. Bellwether/Mercy are working with VIA Architects and The Berger Partnership Landscape Architects to design a transit oriented development with community-enhancing spaces. The pedestrian-friendly project features two residential buildings situated around a ground-level public “Village Square” gathering space that will be home to small shops and cafes, a large community room, and a childcare center. Bellwether and Mercy have partnered with Sound Child Care Solutions, who will run a bilingual, multi-age, and affordable preschool and child care facility. 

The community focus, affordability, and relationship with Roosevelt Station planned at 6600 Roosevelt manifest the equitable development priorities of Sound Transit, the Office of Housing, and the surrounding community.